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By helping businesses participate in climate change solutions, we have diverted over 100 tonnes of food scraps from landfill!
City to Farm collects food scraps across north Auckland for composting on local farms.

About City to Farm

City to Farm collects food scraps from businesses around North Auckland and takes them to rural farms for composting. 

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City to Farm takes all types of food scraps and provides training and equipment for food scrap collection service.

We meet with businesses to survey the food scraps generated. Collection can start right away.

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City to Farm has already been deemed carbon neutral by Massey University and will soon be carbon negative when the bananas trees begin producing! Participating businesses become genuine mitigators of climate change.

How It Works

We drop off buckets, you fill them up, we collect them - Simple! 

City to Farm provides a range of collection containers from buckets to wheelie bins. C2F trains your staff to layer the food with Zing, a food-safe compost starter that also controls odours.

City to Farm collects the bins or buckets weekly and replaces them with clean containers and more Zing. All you need to do is find a secure, shady place to store bins or buckets for easy collection. 

Price starts at $3.50 per week per collection


Current Supporters Onboard
Have a read of some local’s stories who are already a part of the City to Farm network.

Evelyn Page
Ryman Healthcare
Retirement Village

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Two Spoons
Cafe &


Browns Bay Brewing
Deep Creek
Brews & Eats




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"It’s a convenient, efficient, simple system that isn’t demanding of staff time, it’s no extra effort, we just have another bin. The cost is minimal and we have already diverted 5 tonnes of food scraps from landfill which is great considering we are a small business” - Nigel, Co-Owner and Chef at Two Spoons

 Why Are We Passionate?

Because how we grow our food and dispose of our food waste are among the biggest contributors to climate change.


We aim to transform the way food is produced and disposed of so that it restores and regenerates nature, instead of polluting and depleting it.

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City to Farm wants to make climate mitigation accessible so that anyone is able to be part of the solution!