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 Who Is Onboard 

Read the stories of some of the groups that are part of City to Farm

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Two Spoons is a gluten-free and vegan-friendly cafe in Arkles bay, serving coffee and a range of fresh, healthy foods. They have been with City to Farm since 2019.


"It’s a convenient, efficient, simple system that isn’t demanding of staff time, it’s no extra effort, we just have another bin. The cost is minimal and we have already diverted 5 tonnes of food scraps from landfill which is great considering we are a small business” - Nigel, Co-Owner and Chef at Two Spoons

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Browns Bay Brewing operates from Deep Creek Brews & Eats. C2F collects over half a tonne of spent brewing grain per week!

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."After looking into the waste collection, disposal process, and the true ecological consequences of landfill sites, I realised we had to look at ways of redirecting our waste away from landfill.”

- Andrew, Owner of Browns Bay Brewing

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Evelyn Page is a retirement village run by Ryman Healthcare in Orewa. City to Farm collects food scraps from their kitchen that serves over 400 people daily.  

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Nurture Early Learning is a family-owned and operated group of early learning centres. 


of their key values and teachings to children is environmental awareness. All the food scraps from their kitchen are composted with City to Farm.

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Deer Dear Coffee Roasting Bar is a local cafe and bakery in Arkles Bay. 

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Deer Dear Coffee Roasting Bar is run by long time bokashi champions Yuka and husband Ken, selling specialty roasts, fresh baking and offering a bilingual menu in both Māori and English as well as weekly 'kawhe and kōrero' open group.  

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Children's Ark is an early childhood education centre in Torbay with strong environmental values. 

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'As part of our zero waste journey we are using eco nappy services, collecting food scraps in worm farms and bokashi bins, and partnering with the Hibiscus Coast Zero Waste.

When selecting our play resources we are mindful of avoiding plastic items which will ultimately end up in a landfill. Most of our resources have been carefully selected using home-made, up-cycled loose parts that stretch rather than hinder a child’s imagination.

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Kate is an environmental educator, consultant and blogger. Her work includes teaching kindergarten classrooms about waste and composting. 

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"Localised composting solutions are far more sustainable than national, commercial or centralised ones. Unfortunately, many individuals cannot compost at home or in their business place for many reasons, so participating in C2F creates a sense of community and allows people to align their values with their actions. This project makes sustainable living more accessible.” - Kate Hall from Ethically Kate

Manly Family Mart

Manly Village Fruit and Veg Market is a family run business that supplies fresh fruit and vegetables among other staple foods and international items. This business joined City to Farm in late 2021 and is one of our primary scrap producers. 

Cafe Manly

Cafe Manly is a family-owned and operated Cafe that is also part of the Green Scheme programme with Hibiscus Coast Zero Waste and Whangaparāoa Business Association. As well as composting food scraps with City to Farm, they also offer plant-based options, free water refills for anyone, encourage customers to bring their own reusable cups and more!

Other Early Childhood Education Centres
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Adventure Kids


Little Coasties

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Cotton Tails

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Kingsway - Silverdale Centre

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Kingsway - Red Beach Centre


There are many others on board too! More stories coming soon...

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Tollesbury Enterprises - A proud sponsor

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Tollesbury Enterprises Silverdale has kindly helped the Zero Waste Zero Carbon Programme in Schools (ZWZC) and City to Far with supplying the Food Scrap Caddies needed for Whangaparaoa College, Orewa College, Waitoki, and Wainui Schools.

These Maze 7L caddies will go into all year 7 classrooms and some will be used for Zing containers. The ZWZC Programme is about diverting food scraps away from landfill and towards food producing land instead, all the food scraps are collected by City to Farm.