What We Do 

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A Quick Rundown

City to farm:

  • Links businesses with local farms to divert food scraps from landfill to beneficial reuse. 

  • Shows businesses how to properly pre-treat their food scraps for collection.

  • Transports the pre-treated food from businesses in special storage containers to a local farm. 

  • Promotes businesses that participate in the programme as “Doing the Right Thing”

  • Promotes those businesses participating in C2F to our “Zero Waste Zero Carbon in Schools” programme

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Collection Areas

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What that looks like:


C2F collects commercial food scraps in a box truck with a tail lift using a range of containers appropriate to the type and amount of food scraps generated. A bokashi compost system is used in the containers which are transported to a local farm. 


Bokashi inoculant fermented the food scraps, pickling them to minimise odours and maximise rapid breakdown into topsoil.

We Provide:

120L Henkel bin for high nitrogen food scraps like meat, dairy, fish or soybean


140L Wheelie bins for lightweight produce


80-100L Wheelie bins for heavier food scraps


15L Buckets for small amounts of food scraps and coffee grounds

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