Why Join Us

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For Climate Change Mitigation:

Join us to support local composting and local food production, to draw down carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and put it into the soil .

For Local, Regenerative Agriculture:

Join us to support local farmers to move towards organic and regenerative agriculture, using local resources (food scraps) as natural fertiliser, increasing our true wealth (the fertility of our soils) and improving the environmental health of local farms. 


C2F Helps Minimise Our Community’s Carbon Footprint

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City to Farm is a medium scale, locally-based, in-situ, composting process. 


The compost produced stays on the farm, improving the soil and allowing for local food production on otherwise non-productive ground. 


This makes City to Farm a very environmentally friendly and low carbon composting solution for the surrounding community.'

There is a lot more information about the role of composting in mitigating climate change over at  www.drawdown.org 

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For Zero Waste 2040:

Join us to support keeping food scraps out of the landfill, keeping valuable minerals like phosphorus cycling, moving away from the landfill business model and towards a circular model of food production.