Soil Health Soil Carbon Fair 2022

The City to Farm Composting Project (C2F) is looking for more farms to participate in a Terra Preta Research Project which builds topsoil using bokashi-fermented food scraps and biochar. C2F sits at the intersection of zero waste, regenerative agriculture and climate change mitigation.

The current research site is in Waitoki on heavy clay, ex-pasture soil where over 150 tonnes of local urban food scraps have been diverted from landfill. They are applied in compost swales to replenish soil nutrients to grow heavy feeding bananas. Soil high in organic carbon buffers against the extreme weather events of climate change making it easier for water to penetrate and enabling storage it in times of drought. Changing heavy clay into higher quality soil enables more growing options for those wishing to diversify cropping. Growing food locally is also a climate mitigation strategy.


New sites will need to be in the Waitoki/Wainui area.  To find out if your property is suitable to be part of this project of national significance, please attend one of our presentations.

Fair Days

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Date                                              Guest speaker(s)

August 7th                                    Warrick Isaachsen & Rob Tinholt 

Sept 4th                                        Cherryle Prew

Sept 17th                                      Jono Frew

Sept 18th                                      Jono Frew

Oct 2nd  (Waitoki Hall)                Warrick Isaachsen & Miles Pope

All are 1-3pm  Wainui Hall -

439 Waitoki Road

except for 2nd Oct -

Waitoki Hall - 1095 Kahikiatea Flat Road

Guest speakers

Regenerative agriculture, local Soil Health Groups and setting up your farm to be a highly productive carbon sink with Jono Frew. Jono is founder of Natural Performance Ltd – helping farmers reach new levels of profitability, resilience, health and peace of mind.


Improve the health and productivity of soils utilising bokashi fermented food scraps to build soil life and feed the plants,  with Cherryle Prew.  She is the founder of Soil Foodweb NZ; the laboratory that measures the life in the soil and has been working with farmers and horticulturalists to maximise soil health for the past 30 years. 


Permanent benefit from one off Investments: Animal and plant growing experiences with biochar with Warrick Isaachsen (Biochar Network New Zealand and Char Bro Ltd) and Miles Pope (Soil Pro). They will be discussing the applications and potential of biochar in agriculture, horticulture, composting and soil improvement.


Slow release fertiliser is being made from Auckland's waste water treatment process. Rob Tinholt from Watercare will be sharing how this benefits gardeners and a circular economy.

Bought to you with the help of the below groups

Members from these groups will be available to discuss their involvement and answer questions

  • City To Farm Project

  • Biochar Network NZ

  • Kaipara Regenerative Agriculture Group

  • BONZA (Bananas of New Zealand Aotearoa)


City to Farm provides the knowledge to turn your property into a productive carbon sink